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  Well, you seem to be in a mess... You say you love her, right? Did you hear her telling you the same thing ever? Anyway, she's probably going through a difficult time now, I think u shoudn't press on her now, leave it as it is. If her feeling for you is true and strong - she'll return to you soon. Just give her time to think everything over... That's the most sensible decision to my mind.
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  yeah she's always loved me and said as much.  lately and back then.  she's pretty complex and is bipolar.  she's on medication adn see's a psychologist and she's pretty well balanced i think.  she does have a lot on her mind.  perhaps you're right. I jsut hate waiting I suppose.
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Do you know anything about bi-polar disorders? It sounds to me like she is not taking her medication the way she should. Bi-polar can make a persons personality change radically. That kind of sounds like what's happening here, when she disappears or doesn't want to talk to you. You really need to get some info on this disorder if you are going to try a serious relationship with her. My cousin was diagnosed with this and until her doctors found the right combo of medication she had some major personality swings, and was difficult to deal with.

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