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  i agree with brian, it sounds like it is time to move thing to add is this: though it is painful to lose something that you have grown to love so is much more painful to sit in agony wondering if that is the direction it is heading. you need closure, whether it is trying to close a chapter of your relationship and try to move on to the next chapter in both your book, or you move on to start your own chapter, either way...the more you wait the worse it will get.
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Well Bud, It seems that she has already broken the relationship.Starting over is sometime a good thing now you

Know what to look for for your next relationship.So take it as a learning experience. Everything will be o.k

Responded: Armando


You don't say how long the two of you have been together.

Sounds like you need to ask yourself some tough questions.  o you still care enough about her to continue?   Would you be willing to consider a little counseling?  Are there enough "good" things in the relationship to make it work?

Sounds like the two of you have a huge communication issue.  If the relationship is a good one and worth saving, then it shouldn't matter who initiates what. Just so that it happens.

The two of you should sit down together and honestly talk about how you feel about the relationship.  Good Luck!

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hey well i know how you feel honestly!!!! ive been put in the same situation before!!!! and i had to let the relationship go!!!! i mean i lvoed him to deat we were together for 3 years and he wasnt happy and i wasnt happy so i jsut had to let it go even though it hurt me soo much!!!! but we are still friends!!! and i moved on and he moved on and were both in a new relationship and hes happy and im happy but were relly good friends !! so id say do what would make her happy even if it means losing her!!!sit down and talk to her about it!!! and if you guys do decide to break up just make sure you dont lose her a s a friend!!!!! because FRIENDS LAST A LIFETIME!!!!

Responded: Ashley

  • dear friend,you sound like an idiot...... ,have you ever heard of something like ,it is better to be loved than to love...if someone is in love with you can never think of leaving you for her carrier or comfort!sex is something often  mistaken as love  or a marker of a deep relationship but in reality that's absolutely a physical  enjoyment for the moment  that let you feel intimate to someone or anyone.....whoever you like [unconsiously but] physically ...when this lust looses it's hunger ur relationship remains like a muumy but real love always comes invisibly through a spiritual interaction...coz it stays in the eyes of a woman who without expecting anything cares,trusts & surrenders not only her body but  her soul to you....if  you are going to wait for someone who can ever imagine her carrier more important than a relationship or take a dicision like her ,oneday you will make a foolish mistake of rejecting the real one ,who would come with the hidden love in her eyes..and without demanding anything in return of her love would accept your soul as 'the whole of your identity' friend ,always remember love comes silently & offers the bliss .if you reject the deserving one for the one you think, you are in love with ,only for the reason you have a three & half yrs of relationship....and was intimate to her,again u are making a big mistake  coz love can happen any moment .when your heart feels someone so close and comfortable with a person whom you have met a while ago -without knowing or touching her you can feel a sense of will never be able to  forget her eyes ..coz at the end of the day when you are neither young nor attracttive the silent touch of your partner would only say....'still i love you...'  so i think ,without dreaming of getting her back...or remembering the past few nights u have spent together..get your self prepared for the choosen one who can peep in your life any time........donot let her go...coz only a few people get real love from their husbands/wives....
  • i will sugest you to end up this matter now and wait,, be sensetive to choose the one you deserve....& who deserves you should feel her imotions more than her looks or ur lust...i am sure you will meet her very soon....hope hv nt bored u 2 much -----best of luck.....
Responded: true friend



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