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  Seems like you have no choice..
Responded: Fatherof12


Know exactly how you feel, except I am a chick and this is happening to me. I don't really know what to do either, but I am for the moment trying really hard to believe in love and patience and us. I know if this is not reciprocated I have to call it quits. My man has a few more reasons for his distance though......

My advice, listen to your heart, if it's not right to leave, your heart won't let you go.

Responded: babeegrl


I've been going through a similar situation with my gf, and things ended up not working out.

If someone is growing distant, I would recommend trying to identify the root of the problem: does she feel like she cant communicate with you? does she feel unloved or uncared for? does she still trust you?

If you can identify the reason she's growing distant, you can both try to work on it together to try to bring you closer together. Maybe even try couples counseling.

If that doesnt work, you should re-evaluate if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in. If not, you might be better finding what you need elsewhere.

Responded: Winters


IMHO unless you are married or planning on getting married, you've answered your own question. Time to move on, my friend. If she really wanted you, she tell you. Sounds to me like she's done and finished. Not trying to be cruel, just telling you what I see.

Here's a thought: what if you said to her "I think we might have taken this as far as it's going to go and we should consider parting ways as friends..." you'll get your answer right there. My GUESS is she'll say "yeah you're right" in which case, painful tho it may be, and with all the love you've had, it's time to move on.

Not sure if that's any help, good luck!

Responded: Brian

  f*** that bitch! break it off wile u still can!!!!!
Responded: insane man



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