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If you want to see where you stand with him, in my opinion, keep standing...don't sleep with him. Refrain from any/all forms of sexual behavior, except kissing/necking.

IF he cares for you as a person, he'll understand your not wanting to do the "deed"; if he's just in it for sex, he'll leave.

It might hurt to find out that he just wants to separate you from your panties, but it's best to find out now than at some point in the future.

Hey, there are guys out there that like girls for the company and friendship...and love...not plain sex.

Good luck to you!!!!!

Responded: Catmann

  listen if he only wants to have sex with you then you should think about it ...because for one you dont know who else hes sleeping with and their to many of stds and hiv's going around and beside if a man just want my body then he really dont want me and so honey what im tring to say is that you can do bad by yourself, find somebody who wants the whole you and not the half...
Responded: berlon



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