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I think you shouldn't plan anything with him.... As far as I understand, he's still attached to his ex. You can't be sure you are the only one... He just keeps in tuch with you just in case.. Look, how many times have he called you? And how many times it was you who did it first? This explains everything. You thinka bout him most of yout time. He thinks ab you some-rare-times... I know the heart has a will of its own, just try to switch over to someone worthy.

You know, to be heartbroken is a nasty thing...

Responded: sera

  I agree with her yes, and yes he still likes his ex but if he just recently got out of a long term relationship then it will be hard for him to get over for awhile...I was the same way i jumoped into one to fast and ended up never talking to the new girl friend again and broken up. Which was a dumb thing on my behalf
Responded: chris



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