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Yes !!  This is the real PROBLEM ! (i mean She is 15)

I had similar situation... and you know.. i was confused... just like you.

Yeh..Whatever..You shouldn't take the whole things so seriously. She is 15 !!  Cos it's flirt ! Moreover she doesn't really know what she's doing... or playing on/with you, if she does! We all were teenagers... just go back in time.

So flirting my friend (!) and have good time instead of getting mind troubles.

Good luck  

Responded: Cinco


Hey, you're in a pretty mess.. The earlier you talk with her - the better itll be for you both. Try to explain her popular that you like her, but you want to be just friends - and nothing more so far.. If you can do nothing about it - say that you have a girlfriend or whatever... She's a little girl, it's normal that she's flirting (it's a flirt!) with you, she will have a lot of guys to flirt with - don't take it seriously. It now seems for her a whole world, but in several years she'll change, and most probably switch over to somebody else.

Just talk to her - it's the only way possible, to my mind.

Responded: Guest


This is one instance where age [b]IS[/b] a problem. In most states, the age of consent is 16...hence anything you do or (she convinces others you did) sexually could lead to your losing years of your life to the penitentiary   

Dependent on how you feel about her, I'd definitely put this one on hold till she's older.

After she's 18 or so......the age difference won't mean anything.

Responded: Guest


I would guess that since you have already dated the older sister, there is a strange sort of competition going on between the two of them.  

This younger one has probably had a "crush" on you since she first saw you with the older sister.  

If you still care about the older sister it would probably be a bad idea to start anything with the younger one.  Not only will you have stress from this, but it will cause tension between the two sisters, too.

Responded: Guest



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