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My honest opinion? I think you need to just TELL him what to do.

A kiss asked and received is just as valuable as a kiss spontaneously given... IF YOU LET IT BE THAT WAY.

Here's what I want to ask you. What do you truly NEED? Do you need his initiative? his passion? to be kissed? to be aroused? figure that out. THEN you have to be willing to ask for your needs to be filled and NOT worry about HOW they are being filled. By that I mean if you your need is for passion and intimacy, then the fact that you have to ask for it, even though he complies willingly, is irrelevent. You're need is being filled.

I don't think you are pushy to tell him, for example, "kiss me here really slow I like that a lot..."

I don't think you're pushy at all... you deserve to have your needs met, and you deserve to have a passionate, intimate, emotionally available lover. Don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve!

Good Luck!


Responded: Brian


I think you need to find a man who is unafraid of commitment and who is more passionate. You will regret not finding another man twenty years from now.

Responded: Dave


If he's worth it, teach him.

Many years ago I had a sweetie that didn't really know how to kiss. I did exactly what bpdou said and told her how I liked it. She did, and turned out she liked it that way too....

It was a lot of fun....we had to "practice" a lot!!!!!

Responded: Guest

  Someone before me said it, you just going to have to tell him to do it. I'm sure if you do that the right way that he'll come around, my girl and me had a simular situation with groping and all it takes is a conversation.
Responded: Aleksander


They are all right!!!!! You NEED to tell him. That is the only way that he is going to know. If you feel embarrased or uncomfortable, you shouldn't be with this man. If you can't talk to him. I know it is a little awkward, but if you have all the good things a relationship should have, you will be able to laugh about how uncomfortable it is. But still find the seriousness in how it is a problem. It can only work out for the better. Love isn't perfect like on the movies, it is supposed to have its glitches.


Responded: Guest



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