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  Hey, do you smile when you talk to guys?  smiling is a killer weapon to draw a person's attention, and you should also lean toward the person and you can grab his arm or touch his shoulder when talking to the guy.  and the guy will feel close to you and will ask you out.  try wearing perfumes that are expensive don't use those body sprays.  uhm...what else, dressing slutty might help, but if you want a real man, you don't need to do that. just try to smile a lot and look at the person in the eyes and make eye contacts.  just be clingy, some guys like that from girls.  I surely do.
Responded: Shawn


Could be some of the guys are intimidated by your good looks. Maybe they're shy and afraid to approach you. There could be any number of reasons they don't approach.

Have you ever thought about approaching one of them? I know I'd be flattered if a beauty  would come up to me.

Can't really say why they don't approach.Tell us a little more, and maybe we can help more.

Good luck!!!!!!!

Responded: Guest


Maybe you're right. I do smile alot because I think everything is funny. But I'm not very "touchy feely"  because I am pretty shy, which is a bummer in these situations.

Thanks for the advice guys...

Responded: Jujubeenez



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