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  Why don't you just date? It's kind of old news to think you have to be with just one person(who you are just getting to know) and immediately go into a serious one on one relationship. If I were you I would tell them both that you don't want anything serious right now and just want to date. It will give you time to get to know them both better and see which one of them creates the sparks. There is nothing wrong with just dating as long as you are straight up about it with the girls and don't lead them on. Have fun!!
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It's just that you haven't decided about your feelings for each of the two. If you don't want to lose any of them, you'd better date both so that neither Sam, nor Janice know. That will be hard, i know. Have Janice ever told you she loves you? Or she wants you back just because she knows you met Sam?

Try to be frank with yourself. Who you need more? Anyway, the most effective method is taking a short break to think it over... Just tell them both you need some time to make decision...

Personally I would never date a guy if I knew he goes out with other girl.

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  All I can say is listen 2 your heart and do what U think is best 4 U!!!!... 
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