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Wow!!!! U guys have been dating 4 5 years??!!! that's a purty long time!!!... If U don't even feel confident enough 2 talk 2 him about what's bothering U, how then R U going 2 expect 4 him 2 B your husband??? A relationship needs COMMUNICATION, especially N a marriage!!! U need 2 talk 2 him about what's been bugging U, your future 2gether, and what U both want out of this relationship!!! I don't know may B he ignores the subject b/c he's afraid of settling down??? or may B b/c U don't bring it up....

Hope I helped

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I seem to have misspel it. We've been together for a year and a half! That's also pretty long.  He should have decided for himself what he wants... I'm afraid he hasn't yet...

I'm afraid I may lose him if I ask him point-blank. It should not be MY initiative. Or may be he's satisfied with the present state of affairs? Why then talk with me about children??. I'm confused...

Responded: &BABE&

  I'm confused! When two people are ready for marriage they talk about it alot, I don't know your ages but maybe he's not ready for it or even thinking about it until he gets his life together. You can't put a timeline on when to get married, I have been with my guy for four years and we have just got engaged in July. If you can't talk to him about marriage then you shouldn't be considering it. If the relationship is so unstable that you think you'll lose him by bringing it up then your not ready for that big of a commitment. Life is alot more enjoyable if you just let things happen instead of dwelling on what you think should happen. Good Luck!
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... Today we busted up with him. He told me rashly that he's not going to marry for 4 or 5 years. i'm so depressed at his words. Did he really mean it? Does he play with me? i don't know what to do.. Is it love??? I rememver him saying once that he's too strongly attached to me. I hoped he meant he loves me. But what now?

Or may be I'm too emotional, 2 yrs more will do nobody harm.. Should I wait for him to make the decision? Should I wait for 5 yrs???

Responded: &BABE&

  Only a year and a half girl what is wrong with you guys need there freedom and I don't think its you he sounds totally and completely in love with you adn I'm sorry to hear that you two broke up but NEVER push a guy into marriage totally big NO NO. It is so easy to scare a guy away. I've been with my partner for 3 years and I want to get married you can drop hints but never puch them into it.
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