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Interesting question.

I'm a tad ambivalent towards fate. Sometimes I believe in it, sometimes I don't. I always like to tell myself that things will always turn out ok in the end but I take a look at the world sometimes and its quite easy to see that for some people it might not turn out ok in the end. So I'm kinda arguing with myself on that point.

As far as Love and Fate together, I think that "Fate" is an assurance mechanism that people use when they're in love to tell themselves that they've found "The One". Its like a placebo effect, you believe it so it becomes true. If you believe you are fated to be together then its quite likely that your feelings are extremely strong and your continued belief in your relationship will help it be sustained.

Just my two pence anyway.

Responded: Nihility

  I was never one to fall into thinking that fate/soulmates really exsisted until it happened to me. I am a divorced mother of two...after my divorce I had three jobs the first year. The first one because I had to find "a job"... I needed money! The second two were both small steps upwards. I, by some strange happening, fell into a new job offer. I took that offer in Nov. of 2000 and it was the best thing for me. From day one... I noticed one of my co-workers. Something about him felt so familiar and drew me into a wonderful friendship with him. He was married at the time... and his wife was pregnant with a non-planned pregnancy.... neither of them wanted children. We were never anything other then best friends. Their marriage was horrible for both of them. Looking back... I cannot remember all the times I may suggestions to try and help them. Take her out to dinner and try and really talk... not about the baby but about what is important to each of you. Go away for the weekend together..... along with many other ideas that I offered to him. Sometime in early 2003... somehow I found that I had completely fallen in love with him. I would never, ever, ever.....over step the lines of any marriage. I keep my mouth shut and just tried to keep my distance at work. Over the course of the friendship we found out that we grew up a stone's throw from each other... knew all the same people, his mom and my cousin were best friends... went to the same functions, went to school together went to the same vacation spots during the same time frames and even hung out with a lot of the same people. Yet, we can never remember meeting or seeing each other. Then their marriage which started out bad ... got worse and worse. He did not really want to talk about it and that was ok. He went through a month period where he was unbearable!! I had no idea what was going on until one day he asked if I would meet him outside of work. That night he floored me by telling me that the marriage was over, he had moved out and filed for a divorce. He also told me that a month before that he told his wife that he was in love with someone else and that even if I did not feel the same for him... he could not stay in the marriage. We took it very slow... and have now been together a year. We have the kind of relationship that I have only read about in books. There are so many different paths our lives could have taken... yet I now realize I was fated to this man. I now know that soulmates/twin flames and fate is true. He was always around me but I feel that you learn from each love and each new love that you find is stronger then the one before it. We as people need these to teach us how to be able to "see" our soulmate. When you are ready for them... you will be able to finally find that one person that was meant for only you.  I hope you all find your soulmates!
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  Love is the answer paper you submit and fate is the marksheet you get!
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