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  Go for it!!!!!
Responded: Depper

  Talk away, i'll listen and talk....
Responded: sissy


Hey all,

Thank you for replying, I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to hit you back.  Things are hectic here., I don't have any serious issues, other then the fact that I am far away from my a totally differant country.  we have been apart for 8 months now.Have any of you been in a long distance relationship?  Plus, my situation does not allow me to talk about my girl.  I can get deeper into that subject later.  

I really just need a person who understands the "lifestyle" I guess it just means more if people know where we come from ya know...I am all for hearing your stories about your girl too!  I can listen better then I can talk!

Responded: rooftopfun

  I am sorry....I guess you are looking for someone you can relate to, as well as talk to...I can't relate....I am heterosexual. But if you ever need to talk....I'm here. GOOD LUCK!
Responded: Guest

  hey, i'm here for you if you need to talk! i'm bi so maybe we can relate?!
Responded: Jess



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